Music Realm 3

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Music Realm 3

Music Realm 3

Feb 8, 2017 | 0 comments



Nights Start to Finish

The End of a Generation

GTA Music Realm 3 was the end of two things: Not only was it the end of the original “Trilogy”, but it was also mutually agreed that it was the last Music Realm that would be filmed in GTA 5. We had finally run out of ideas for short skits that fall within the limitations of GTA 5. Almost every skit we came up with was either too similar to another skit, idea wise or animation wise, or had fundamental flaws that made it too difficult to execute within 8 seconds. Because of this we made the call to move onto Music Realm Stories, as well as other games.

All is Not Over


Team Members Responsible

Ocean Powell

Ocean Powell


  • Producer 80%
  • Director 100%
  • Writer 25%
  • Editor 100%
Lucas Nagy

Lucas Nagy


  • Producer 40%
  • Writer 5%
Allen Elias

Allen Elias

Lead Writer

  • Writer 60%

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