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Official Music Video of Wanderer by Little Dragon

In November 2015 Rockstar announced that they were holding a video creation contest. The winner of the contest would become the official music video for Wanderer by Little Dragon, as well as some other miscellaneous prizes. Ocean and I mutually agreed it would be fun to give it a shot. Ocean and I made a script, roughly 50-50 effort, and started filming.

We had actually completely forgotten about the contest, it had been that long since we heard anything about it. It wasn’t until Janurary 22nd 2016 that the official music video was announced to be ours. It was a mutual decision by Rockstar and Little Dragon that it was the best entry.

First of all, it was hard choosing a winner out of all the great videos. You were all great!! Congrats to the very talented iDirect who made such a nice, classic story with the smart sharp lady outplaying everyone else – including us!

Little Dragon


iDirect? He certainly does. Bad gal gone good takes us on a trip through the dangerous life of an informant caught in the act. This cinematic music video has some fantastic sequences as it spins the tale of a car thief with exceptional guile playing the police and a chop shop ring against each other.


Game Developer

The Hate

The announcement was followed by a flood of hate. People were focused on a scene near the end of the video that is roughly 3 seconds long. The scene took us roughly 2 hours to film and we still never managed to get the scene how we wanted. We settled on the best run we had, which had a player shooting the antagonist with a taser. This was the issue.

We started getting tonnes of comments with ridiculous accusations: “This video would not have won without mods”, “the only reason this won was because of mods”, “if anyone else used mods they likely would have won”, etc. The worst part for Ocean and myself was that the taser was not even planned, neither of us knew it was a mod, and people were making false claims about other scenes.

The hate lasted roughly a month with no word from Rockstar. Eventually people stopped commenting about it and everything died down.

The Solution

Finally after things were calming down Rockstar got in touch. They assured us that the video is still the winner, likely due to Little Dragon stating so, and would have been the winner with or without that scene. However we were asked to make a version without that scene to appease the community.

We were just as thankful for the opportunity to re-shoot the scene according to the script. Fast-Forward two weeks after initial contact from Rockstar, the new version of the video was uploaded and the link on the announcement article had been changed. The second version is our preferred version and also unfortunately the version with substantially less views.


Team Members Responsible

Ocean Powell

Ocean Powell


  • Writer 50%
  • Director 100%
  • Producer 100%
  • Editor 100%
Lucas Nagy

Lucas Nagy


  • Writer 50%

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